Spring got busy quickly.

2/16 @ Backspace (Portland, OR) w/ Terror, Bane, Backtrack, and Code Orange Kids. EVENT HERE

2/22 @ Redroom (Tacoma, WA) w/ Clarity, Sojourner, Cowardice. EVENT HERE

2/23 @ Quesadilla Factory (Centralia, WA) w/ Clarity. EVENT HERE

3/7 @ Minehaha Grange (Vancouver, WA) w/ Foundation, Harness, Gravemaker, Bad Land, and CastOut. EVENT HERE

3/22 @ Slabtown [all ages w/ bar] (Portland, OR) w/ Clarity. EVENT HERE

5/24-26 @ Neumos (Seattle, WA) - Rainfest. EVENT HERE

We’re excited to announce these handful of shows for the next few months. It’s good to be in the Northwest.

You’ll notice a band on the 3/7 show called Bad Land. This is a new project that features Matt and Bryan from YT, as well as Wayne from Gravemaker, and Jim from Champion. If you miss their first show, you’re fucking up. If you’re straight edge and you miss their first show, you’re a fencewalker.

As many in our circle of friends know, Gareth’s last show with us will be in Vancouver, BC with Clarity (meaning go see his last Portland show when we play with Terror). I can attest to the fact that Gareth is one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with. He’s got an ear for tone, a knack for being tasteful, and can double pick faster than you’ve ever even thought of trying. We begged and pleaded with him to find time for this band when we first started, and it seems like that time just sort of ran out. I will cherish the entire process of “Where I Lie” as some of the best times of my life, and Gareth is a big part of that. 

I sound like a broken record, but we appreciate the constant support and positivity we receive from many of you on a regular basis. We’re looking forward to seeing you all at some shows.


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