EDIT 11/13/12: We’re playing with Power in Portland.

We’re home. We’re tired. We’re broke.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of this tour. Tony @ No Idea/Fest, Matt Medina and Animal Style Records, our trusty merch lackeys (Ashley) Jenkins and (Josh) Drink Cup, our friends, and our families truly made this tour happen. We are incredibly grateful for their support. There are too many individuals to name specifically. But to everyone who booked a show, bought merch, put gas in our tank, sang along, stagedived, or told us they had fun, thank you.

This tour had some really amazing moments that I’ll never forget, and some really bad moments that I’ll also never forget. At the end of all of it, there is nothing I would have rather done in the last 4 weeks than get in the van with my friends, play 25 shows and support our new record.

I’ll probably post a chunk of pictures when we get it all organized. There should be a few videos floating around too.

We are going to take the rest of the year to chill, enjoy some Blazers basketball, continue to complain about the NHL lockout, and write some new songs. We’re glad that the record has been received in such high regard with many of the people we met.

I have no definitive answers to what we will release next, a split, a 7”, another full length, who knows. But we are locking ourselves in the practice space and time will tell how much music materializes. The winter is long in Portland, and I don’t imagine we will be rushing out to tour for a while.

We do however plan on touring more extensively in 2013. So if you didn’t see us on this tour, or if we skipped your town, we won’t next year.

If you want to keep up with us more often than the seldom post on here, follow our Twitter and Facebook (there are some links to the right). I realize this post is really just a long winded “thank you” and “we didn’t kill each other so we’re going to keep writing music”, but if you want details, I’ll always deliver in overabundance.


P.S. Support these bands: Tharsis They, Pentimento, Former Thieves, Burning Love, From Ashes Rise, Bone Dance, Silver Snakes, and Sweet Weapons.

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