“Where I Lie” + Tour.

We can’t describe what it’s like to have the new record and having to just sit on it. But that’s what we get to do for the next 8 weeks or so. We sincerely wanted to say “Thank you” for being supportive and patient with this process. We hope that you will like the finished product as much as we do. In the meantime, GlueHC is doing an exclusive three part video series that you can check out HERE.

Young Turks Studio Update 1 from Animal Style Records on Vimeo.

Young Turks Studio Update 2 from Animal Style Records on Vimeo.

Young Turks Studio Update 3: Dream Tours from Animal Style Records on Vimeo.

Officially. “Where I Lie” will be released on August 7th. There will be very limited record release colors for the tour, a separate preorder color, as well as a standard color. 


Booking for the record release tour is underway and will look something like this:

8/4 Olympia, WA @ New Direction Fest (3:30pm)

8/4 Seattle, WA @ West Seattle Legion Hall

8/5 Centralia, WA @ Quesadilla Factory (doors at 4pm) 

8/7 Portland, OR @ Backspace

8/9 Sacramento, CA @ Blue Lamp

8/10 Fresno, CA @ CYC

8/11 LA, CA @ Blue Star (w/ Red City Radio)

8/12 San Diego, CA @ Eleven

8/13 Pomona, CA @ Alladin Jr’s

8/14 Reno, NV @ Fort Ryland

8/15 Medford, OR @ Musichead w/ Worthless Eaters

Lastly. I updated the shows with two coming up in June. Our first show in Salem, OR and a Laughing Horse Books banger with crust-lords Cynarae.

Thanks again for being great and patient. Hopefully those videos, a teaser track, and some tour dates will tide you over for the next few weeks. 


[edit 7/11/12] We were added to Portland’s Music Fest NW and will be playing with Defeater and Touche Amore on 9-8-12 at Backspace. 

[edit 7/23/12] If you haven’t been keeping up with our Twitter/FB, here are all the links to songs we’ve released before “Where I Lie” drops on 8/7/12



Upcoming shows / News

Thursday, May 24th @ The Redroom in Tacoma, WA




FB Event

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


FB Event

Young Turks to return to The Fest in Gainesville this October.

We are so excited to go back to Gainesville this fall. We had an absolute blast last year and are already looking forward to seeing good friends from all across the country converge in beautiful balmy Florida. I guess this is as good of time as any to say that us playing Fest will be in conjunction with a full US tour. A first for us. More info as that gets closer.

Reggae Shack. We are coming for you.

Also. If you haven’t caught on. We are hashtagging everything to hell with #yhbft and as annoying as it might seem (to us at least). It’ll be a great way to keep on top of what’s going on with us as far as Twitter and Instagram. Basically, keep on top of your hashtags, and you’ll be in the know for rad shit that you can be a part of, or rad shit that we are doing currently. Take that with a grain of salt though, because sometimes we just post stupid shit or make references to #pedes

Oh yeah. Come see us play with Trial.

FB Event here

Generic Insight Radio Comp.


Go scope it out HERE. It features Young Turks, All Teeth, No Trigger, Half Hearted Hero, and a shitload more.


Via Open Arms Are Open

I keep forgetting to post two things.

One. Here’s a video from the Losing Skin weekend.

Two. We’re playing with Trial, All Teeth, Unrestrained, and TwoHands in Portland. FB Event here.

More details about our upcoming full length (like a title, release date, pre-order and press info) is coming soon.

For the moment. Things with us are quiet. It feels good to have the record tracked and our end of things being completed. We got to play that awesome show with Make Do & Mend, and now we just sort of sit around for the next 5 weeks until that Trial show. Til then, we will be working with our friend Matt on putting together some video to let everyone see the recording process a little more in depth. There will be some interviews, some live footage, and a lot of us fucking around. Hopefully the next time I write on here, it will be regarding an album title and official release date. 

(Source: openarmsareopen)

Via Open Arms Are Open

I swear I will do a recording blog with pictures and video and blah blah blah. But that’s not important because MAKE DO & MEND IS PLAYING THE TINIEST VENUE EVER. FB EVENT HERE 

Young Turks signs to Animal Style Records

We are proud to announce that we will be joining the Animal Style Records family. Matt (aka Big Cat, aka Manimal Style) has been great to work with so far. Our decision to work with Animal Style stems from his attitude about bringing us onto the roster. When you get the feeling that you’re working with someone that has engulfed themselves in the current punk and hardcore, instead of someone looking to make a buck off of you without the insight of being a part of punk and hardcore, it’s easy to decide who you’re going to work with. 

In conjunction with that announcement we put up another song available for stream at called “Priceline”. We used to call it “William Shatner and and the Wrath of Bong”. I will always prefer the latter. 

As far as our record goes, we are going to record with our friend D-Wreck in SE Portland. It’s going to be mixed and mastered elsewhere, but it feels good to be tracking in our hometown. Tentatively, it is 10 songs. It does not have a title yet, although me and Gareth came up with “Zero Gravyty” at breakfast this morning. 

The record is slated to come out in June/July. There will be a supporting tour to follow. 

After this chunk of shows we just finished, we are going to concentrate on putting together the best record possible. For many people, this record will be their first listen, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to expand on the sound of “Halfhearted”. 

Ultimately, I think we all want to say thank you to Matt and Animal Style Records, and to everyone who has been so overwhelmingly supportive of us. We’re carving out a niche for ourselves in Portland, and we’re thankful for everyone who has helped us with that. 

We’re playing tomorrow. Here’s the FB Event.

We will be making a big announcement in the next few days. So hang on tight.